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Wristbands made of tyvek are very popular because of their sensible price and excellent quality. The material used is extremely durable as it's tear resistant and waterproof. What's even more, the wristbands cannot be passed on from one person to the next, as they have an adhesive closure. 

Choose your own personalisation on the wristbands. You can have your design printed in either black or in full colour. Thanks to our specialised printing technique even very detailed artworks are feasible. 

Black print is possible on all the different colours we offer. Full colour print is only done on white wristbands. 


The size of the tyvek wristbands is 19 mm x 255 mm. The bands always come in sheets of 10.

We offer 16 different colours of tyvek wristbands. 

tyvek standard2.jpg

Tyvek, 19 mm

Set-up costs

Black Print                                                                   €15 per design      

Full Colour Print                                                         €15 per design

Prices per piece in euro, excl. of VAT and shipping costs

Tyvek on sheets of 10 pieces

Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces per design/colour

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