A wide range of plastic tokens and coins for arcade purposes.

At JECOBEL we produce a wide range of plastic tokens and coins and offer a great choice of shapes to match all possible use our clients may have in mind. The industrial production techniques we have developed allow you to acquire a unique variety of colours and effects for your tokens giving you a great differentiation factor with your competitors. Our token and coin production technique can also be fine-tuned to offer personalised and individual solutions for any kind of application. 

JECOBEL uses only in-house token and coins production process to guarantee high quality products and fast delivery.​


Tokens and coins are now widely used as a virtual value and added promotional support in marketing and communication campaigns. At JECOBEL our token and coin production is shaped to answer such marketing and promotional needs. 

Key benefits of tokens and coins in a communication and marketing campaign:



  • Personalised messaging

  • Variety of colours and shapes harmonised to the campaign

  • Light weight and small size, for postal mail sending

  • In-pack promotional tool

  • Vouchers 

  • Measurable marketing tool

  • Cost efficient


JECOBEL bvba (Belgium) is specialised in the production and printing of plastic and metal tokens and coins of multiple dimensions, colours and shapes. Layouts are designed and produced by our internal DTP following your instructions. 

At JECOBEL we focus on high quality and fast production for quick delivery. We are recognised for high customer satisfaction thanks to our 'all in-house' production processes. We deliver internationally direct to you.

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